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Weight loss Hypnosis Melbourne

Unlocking the Mind: The Deep Connection Between Hypnotherapy and Weight Loss

Weight gain is a complex and sometimes multilayered issue, often rooted in deep-seated psychological and emotional factors. Understanding and dealing with these underlying issues is crucial for effective weight management. Stress, emotional eating, and unresolved traumas can contribute to unhealthy relationships with food, making traditional weight loss methods challenging for many. Without addressing the true causes, the same patterns will keep repeating.

Weight loss Hypnosis Melbourne

Why Traditional Methods Fall Short

Traditional weight loss approaches often focus solely on diet and exercise, overlooking the mental and emotional components. They can involve going without the things you like and in some cases vastly reducing calories for rapid weigh loss.

Willpower alone is frequently insufficient in addressing the root causes of weight gain and unfortunately when will power gives way the weight can come back quicker in in larger amounts. Diets can be restrictive and short-lived, leading to this common cycle of frustration and weight regain.


Hypnotherapy: A Mindful Solution

Hypnotherapy offers a unique and holistic approach to weight loss by delving into the subconscious mind and tapping into the power of suggestion and positive reinforcement. This style of hypnotherapy helps individuals reframe their thoughts and behaviours around food.

This process not only facilitates weight loss but fosters a healthier mindset towards nutrition and self-image. These changes bring about long lasting weight loss and make it easier to be the person you want to be.

Some of the many transformative benefits of Hypnotherapy include:

Mindful Eating: Hypnotherapy encourages mindful eating, promoting a heightened awareness of food choices and portion control.

Stress Reduction: Addressing stressors through hypnosis can eliminate emotional eating triggers, creating a healthier relationship with food.

Behavioural Change: Hypnotherapy empowers individuals to break harmful habits and adopt new, positive behaviours conducive to weight loss.

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Virtual Gastric Band: A Step Beyond

For those requiring additional support, Virtual Gastric Band (VGB) hypnosis emerges as a powerful option. This technique mirrors the effects of traditional gastric band surgery without the affects of an invasive procedure. By convincing the mind that the stomach is smaller, this process can lead to reduced food intake and, consequently, weight loss.

In addition, the virtual Gastric Band has an 80% success rate for those that really want to embrace the change and in many cases has a longer lasting effect than its surgical equivalent.

Traditional Gastric Band Surgery vs Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis

Traditional Gastric Band Surgery:


  • Rapid initial weight loss.
  • Physical restriction of food intake.


  • Invasive surgical procedure.
  • Potential complications and side effects.
  • Permanent alteration to the digestive system.
  • Can cause nausea when eating.
  • Needs further surgery to adjust.

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis: A Non-Invasive Alternative:


  • Non-invasive and risk-free.
  • Addresses underlying psychological factors.
  • No physical alteration to the digestive system.
  • Easy to adjust under hypnosis
  • Longer lasting and can be adjusted to suit you as progress is achieved


  • Results may vary, requiring commitment to the process.

Both hypnotherapy and VGB offer not just weight loss, but a sustainable path to a healthier lifestyle. By addressing the mind-body connection, these techniques empower individuals to manage their weight for the long term, fostering a positive relationship with food and self.

Ready to embark on a transformative journey towards a healthier you? Explore the profound benefits of hypnotherapy and the innovative Virtual Gastric Band – your keys to unlocking a sustainable, fulfilling weight loss journey.