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Transform your life today and become a better version of yourself!

At Pemberton Therapy, we deliver transformative outcomes through our structured hypnotherapy plans which integrate proven techniques designed to address your individual personal needs.

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We understand that every individual is unique, and so are their challenges, and that is why we tailor our hypnotherapy sessions to your specific needs and goals.

Pemberton Therapy was created to provide a safe, relaxed, and comfortable space for face-to-face therapy sessions catering to all of life’s stresses and challenges. Our goal is to help you unlock your potential to overcome the hurdles that are holding you back.

Your life doesn’t have to be a struggle. Take the first step towards positive change today by scheduling a Hypnosis therapy session with our experienced hypnotherapist in Melbourne and nearby. Just place a call to us at 0466 626 956 anytime or book a free consultation by clicking below.

Why Choose Pemberton Therapy?

Fully Accredited Therapist

Fully accredited and qualified Hypnotherapist

We Address True Cause of Problem

We address not just the symptoms but the true cause of your problem

Aide range hypnotherapy services

A wide range of issues and challenges catered for to meet your individual needs

Independently owned

Independently owned

Member of the Australian Hypnotherapy Association

Member of the Australian Hypnotherapy Association

Caring Safe and Honest Hypnotherapist

Caring Safe and Honest Hypnotherapist committed to your desired outcomes

Explore our range of specialised therapy services

Pemberton therapy offers tried and tested therapy options, and we deliver outstanding results with a structured hypnotherapy plan that incorporates proven techniques designed to meet your individual needs.


Hypnosis for Addiction

Addiction is a type of disease and for us to overcome this illness, we must address its underlying causes, rewire our thought patterns, and pave the way for lasting recovery through hypnosis.

Hypnosis for Alcohol Moderation & Control

Excess alcohol consumption, whether we like the term or not, is just another form of addiction. Any addiction over time begins to affect our health, our relationships, mental health, working life and overall well-being.


Hypnosis for Anxiety

If you're seeking a holistic and effective approach to managing anxiety, hypnotherapy could be the solution you've been looking for. Learn easy and effective methods to manage stress and anxiety and gain valuable tools to navigate one of life’s great challenges.


Hypnosis for Employee Wellness

By incorporating hypnosis into corporate wellness programs, companies can empower their employees to manage stress, improve focus, and foster a positive mindset.


Hypnosis for Grief

Our licensed hypnotherapist are here to gently work with you and help you through your feelings, allowing you to mourn, heal, and eventually embrace life once again.

Hypnosis for Improve Learning

Hypnotherapy can benefit individuals across different life stages and fields, and can help both students and professionals excel in their respective exams.


Hypnosis to Overcome Trauma

Heal from past traumas and reclaim your sense of self, with Pemberton Therapy. Let us help guide you through the process of facing the emotions and thoughts associated with experienced trauma, and ultimately gradually freeing yourself from their grasp in a safe environment and with the guidance of a trained hypnotherapist. 


Hypnosis for Positive Mind

Reshape your thought patterns, align them with positivity, and cultivate a mindset that propels you toward success.

Hypnosis to Quit Smoking

Smoking continues to be a global health concern. Break free from the grip of smoking and embrace a healthier, smoke-free life! If you have tried other methods to quit smoking without success, hypnotherapy could be the missing link that empowers you to finally overcome this habit for good.


Hypnosis for Self-Confidence

It’s time to build your confidence and unlock your true potential! We have a dynamic approach to boosting your self-confidence with hypnotherapy that enables you to radiate self-assurance and embrace your self confidence once again.

Hypnosis for Sexual Issues

Sexual issues can stem from physical, psychological, or emotional factors. We offer a safe, non-invasive, and effective approach to addressing these issues to help individuals reclaim sexual health, confidence, and intimacy.

Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Weight gain is a complex and sometimes multilayered issue, often rooted in deep-seated psychological and emotional factors. Understanding and dealing with these underlying issues is crucial for effective weight management.

Regression Therapy

Regression Hypnotherapy is founded on the belief that our current behaviours, emotions, and beliefs are often shaped by past experiences, whether from childhood or even previous incarnations. 

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Our goal at Pemberton Therapy is to help you transform your life for the better and guide through your challenges.

Taking the first step to change is always the hardest

 Pemberton Therapy is here to provide assistance to clients dealing with a range of concerns, including anxiety, depression, quitting smoking, addictions, trauma, and more. We provide our services in Melbourne including Richmond, Docklands, Port Melbourne, Carlton North, Toorak and nearby. Get in touch with us for a confidential chat.

Embark on a journey of positive change and personal growth.

Contact us using the booking tool or via phone on 0466 626 956 or email at, to book your free 15-minute consultation and learn how we can help.

We look forward to helping you achieve the transformation you deserve.

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