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Everyone is different and will have different needs, however there is no such thing as a 1 session “fix”. Most clients take a minimum of 4 sessions to get lasting results. Sessions usually run for around an hour.

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Why Choose Pemberton Therapy?


Fully accredited and qualified Hypnotherapist


We address not just the symptoms but the true cause of your problem


A wide range of issues and challenges catered for to meet your individual needs


Independently owned

Member-of-the Australian-Hypnotherapy-Association

Member of the Australian Hypnotherapy Association


Caring Safe and Honest Hypnotherapist committed to your desired outcomes

Transform your life today and become a better version of yourself!

Pemberton therapy offers a number of therapy options, and we deliver outstanding results with a structured hypnotherapy plan incorporating proven techniques designed to meet your individual needs.

Our certified hypnotherapists are committed to guiding you on a transformative journey towards healing, personal growth, and self-discovery.

We understand that taking the step to change is the hardest, most empowering decision. Our team is here to support you whether you are looking to overcome a specific challenge or you are ready to take a journey of self-improvement.

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Pemberton Theraphy have provided assistance to clients dealing with a range of concerns, including anxiety, depression, smoking, addictions, trauma, and more. Get in touch for a confidential chat.