Pemberton Therapy

Care and Understanding

David, 64 year old in Melbourne

John Pemberton’s hypnotherapy has helped me reduce the intensity and duration of chronic pain. I have had chronic lower back pain for nearly 4 years. MRI and CT scans didn’t show an obvious cause and the pain could suddenly disappear briefly, only to return again. I suspected that my brain was hyper sensitive to pain from my lower back due to remembering chronic episodes from decades ago, which were triggered again during the COVID pandemic.

John Pemberton’s hypnotherapy 4 sessions were tailor made to suit my needs and helped me get in touch with my subconscious mind to lessen the hypersensitivity to pain. The sessions gave me cognitive behavioural tools that I have been able to use since to dial down the pain and the anxiety that often comes with living with chronic pain. John made a recording for me that I continue to use at home for self hypnosis therapy.

I would recommend Pemberton hypnotherapy for anyone suffering from chronic pain, or anxiety from unresolved past trauma.

David, 64 year old in Melbourne